Terms of Service

1. General Conditions

Please read these terms carefully because all uses of the Seller MB "Geri reikalai" Websites - www.photoinsider.co, www.fotografijosvirtuve.lt - are subject to these terms of service (“Terms” or “TOS”). By using the Websites, you are acknowledging that you have read this and agree to it.

By using the Websites, you agree to these terms of use. If you do not agree, do not use the Websites. There are no exceptions.

2. Rights and Obligations of the seller - MB "Geri reikalai"

The Seller's responsibility is to ensure all the conditions for the Buyer to properly use the services provided by the Websites www.photoinsider.co, www.fotografijosvirtuve.lt.

The Seller's responsibility is to send digital products ordered to the Buyer electronically. Or to provide online access to the membership area to the e-mail address specified by the Buyer.

If the Buyer attempts to compromise the stability and security of the website or violates Terms of Service, the Seller has the right to immediately and without notice restrict, suspend or revoke the Buyer's access to the Websites, products, services or memberships.

The Seller is responsible to provide access to online training to the Buyer for a specified period of time. This condition is considered fulfilled if the availability to access the site was at least 98%. In the event of prolonged unavailability of the website, the seller is responsible to extend the Buyer's access to the purchased products.

Due to Force Major, the Seller may, temporarily or permanently terminate the operation of the Websites without notifying the Buyer in advance.

The Seller may unilaterally change the terms of these Rules.

If the Buyer uses the services provided by the MB "Geri reikalai", after there were changes made to the Terms of Service, it is considered that the Buyer has agreed to the amendment of the Terms of Service.

If the Buyer uses the services provided by the MB "Geri reikalai", after there were changes made to the Terms of Service, it is considered that the Buyer has agreed to the amendment of the Terms of Service.

Any advice and suggestions offered by the Seller are solely the opinion of the Seller. The Seller cannot be held liable if the Buyer suffers any loss or unforeseen damage as a result of applying the solutions offered by the Seller.

3. Access to the online training materials

After purchasing online training, the Buyer is given access to an online platform with all training materials for a specified amount of time. After this period expires, access to training platform is revoked. Access to the training platform may be extended at an additional cost. 

When the buyer pays for the access to online training platform, this right is granted to ONE PERSON. Under no circumstances may login details be shared with third parties. The site automatically tracks users' IP addresses. Buyers who share login information will be blocked and access revoked without any notice.

4. Refund Policy

The refund policy differs for different products. For more details, please refer to the specific product's sales page.

The refund policy for "Presets" as well as "Let's shoot a Wedding Together" course - the sales are final, the money for purchases are not refundable.

The refund policy for "Wedding Photography Insider" course - it is a 10 day period after the purchase (or after the course delivery in case of a pre-sale) when you can ask for a refund. We provide the refund only if you have watched the videos and completed the workbook. And the course still seems invaluable for your future career. In such case we will be asking for you to provide a completed workbook. We reserve the right to deny refund if we can't see that you've done significant work on the workbook.

5. Intelectual Property

All Content (including e.g. text, graphics, video, video scripts, music, artwork, sounds and sound tracks, visual components, photographs, and computer code, as well as branding, logos, and such), including but not limited to the individual design elements, selection, layout, coordination, structure, expression, and sequencing, user interfaces, “look and feel,” and arrangement on the Websites, or in the products, or services offered through the Sites is owned or controlled by, or under license to MB "Geri reikalai", Matas Jūras, Paulina Jūrė, and is protected by Lithuanian and international copyright, trademark, trade dress, and various other applicable intellectual property rights, including unfair competition laws.

You agree that you will not remove, replace, or obscure any copyright, trademark, service mark or other indicia of source or ownership, nor any notices or legends used in connection with any Content provided on the Websites, or products, or services offered through the Websites, nor with respect to anything that you may post or upload to the Websites (if any uploading is permitted) or via any software or service. Any effort to remove, replace, or obscure such marks is a violation of our Terms of Service.

The prohibition on removing copyright and similar notices applies to any downloadable files that may be provided on the Sites, even where we give you permission to share those files with others. You must share the file as we provide it and not remove our marks, notices, or legends.

The Buyer is not allowed do download any content available on the websites, unless it is clearly noted otherwise (Free download, download PDF, download workbook). The downloadable materials are meant for sole use of the Buyer. It is not allowed to share them with third parties.

The creators of the original content reserve all legal rights to the intellectual property.

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