Jūras Duo Photography 

In 2007 we have been struggling to drop our corporate careers. It did not feel fulfilling, but it felt safe.

In 2009 we took all the courage, left our jobs and created Jūras Duo Photography. We had 24 weddings booked half a year later. We have been acknowledged as Best Wedding Photographers in the Baltic States after 3 years on. And we won multiple International Awards. Including Fearless Photographers Awards which are super difficult to achieve.

We are Paulina Jūrė & Matas Jūras. Wedding photography allowed us to create a lifestyle that we've always wanted. We are working on what we absolutely love. We have freedom to create. We are managing our time the way we like it. We travel the world! We even take over 2 months a year just for personal wanderings and traveling!

From the very beginning, we have been learning from the top wedding photographers in the world. They taught us the foundation of seeing light, constructing strong compositions and most importantly – defining why did we start photographing weddings. You can check our wedding photography website here:


Authority Magazine

We strongly believe that one’s job should bring you joy and fulfillment. It is not always an easy ride, but it’s absolutely divinely amazing! We talked about this and how to overcome your fears when creating a dream career with Authority Magazine. Our interview was the part of their series about entrepreneurs who transformed something they did for fun into a full-time career.  


Venice Wedding Backstage

Italy is probably the most picturesque county in Europe. We have photographed weddings there a number of times. This is a short backstage video from one of the weddings in Venice.

 our hotel photography branD 

AYA Hotel Images

In 2018 additionally to wedding photography, we created AYA Hotel Images and started working with clients like Relais & Chateaux and Hilton hotels.

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Paulina & Matas

From career change to multiple International Awards, to the most beautiful weddings all around Europe, in 12 years we gained so much experience and insights. We have so much to share. We started teaching 7 years ago and it’s amazing to see how our students evolve.

This is the essence of our goal now - to help others on their wedding photographers’ path - to become successful in their own way. To share everything we’ve learned, every little detail, all the know-how.

We’d love to connect! We can do it on Instagram or otherwise you can subscribe to our newsletter and download our Resources guide. This is our personal/educational IG account @paulinamatas_team and this one is for weddings @jurasduo.

Live life the way you want to 😊

Paulina & Matas