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Photographing what you really love, working with clients that feels like you were meant to meet, building a flourishing wedding photography business - is the best worklife you can create. If you really love what you do - it leads to the most beautiful adventures and overall abundance.
Keep learning, growing and evolving.  

HEY! Nice to meet ya!

We are Paulina & Matas

We have photographed our first wedding in 2009 - and that changed our lives in it's essence.

Wedding photography enabled us to create the lifestyle we have been dreaming of!

Over the years we have photographed more than 250 weddings all over Europe and won multiple international awards. And we do what we always wanted to do - we work on a flexible schedule, and spend winters travelling.

We created Photo Insider to build a community where we'll share our know-how and help each other grow. 

Build wedding photography business
and create a life-style you strive for.


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what people are saying

"Paulina and Matas, are really super prepared! I had all the answers to my questions after the course online! But above all they certainly have a gift of explaining even the most complicated things in a very simple way. I highly recommend them for beginners and even for professionals of the field to improve the knowledge! Bravi!"

- Gelmina Ka, Photographer,

Wedding Photography Insider - 0nline course

If you need clarity of how wedding photography and its business works, this course is for you.

Understand specifics of wedding photography, how to create strong images in every part of the day, how to work with natural light, how to pose a couple, how to price yourself, how to attract clients you'll love and so much more.

Filmed all across Europe. We photographed and showed every step of how we do it in so many different locations.

Let's Shoot a Wedding Together - online course

We have filmed the entire wedding day - from the morning to late night.

Imagine if you could peek through the shoulders of a wedding photographer as they work. On a way they would explain what they are doing and even thinking.

Having ups and downs during the day and seeing how they create strong images in the most difficult and nerve wrecking situations.

Would you like that? Then join the waitlist, and we will send you all the information once the course is launched.

"True Wedding"

These Lightroom Classic presets were created based on the edits of the wedding images, photographed when filming "Let's Shoot a Wedding Together" (look above).

We checked them out with thousands of other wedding images - they work great!

These are quite strong stylistically, bold colour, dark & moody presets.

Chin up, heart open.
Have a look how far you’ve come, not how far you have to go.


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